mt_ex2Turn-Mill module of SprutCAM includes powerful turn-milling methods to program multi axial machining with support Multi-tasking Turn-Milling centers with live tooling, include CNC Swiss-Type Lathe. Easy interface and features of the lathe module the ability to program roughing, finishing, grooving, threading and part-off machining operations.

SprutCAM permits to create NC programs for any types of turn mill machines without a limitation on the number of axes and machine’s executive mechanisms, such as: turret heads, milling heads, turning sub spindles, lunettes, ready parts catchers, workpiece loaders, device for tool tuning etc.

SprutCAM offers a wide variety of turning stratigies as well as all types of rough and finish milling used with regular milling machines are supported. SprutCAM permits to create NC programs using C and Y axis for machining with the main spindle as well as with the sub spindle, in the outer diameter of the part as well as on its end surface. If the machine is equipped with B axis, then the index milling machining of the part is supported in tilted planes, as well as the simultaneous 5 axis machining using all the machine’s axes.