Integrated Simulation System

The system has an integrated simulation mode making it possible, using the dynamic management of the parameters, to obtain an image of the component during the machining process. This allows a visual check of the quality of the machining and to analyze the presence of any remaining material.


Simulation has two modes: simulation of the machining and tool path analysis. In the machining simulation mode, emulation of the actual workpiece and component being machined is displayed. In the tool path analysis mode, only the tool movement is displayed without showing any changes in the component form during machining.

  • Realistic emulation of the machining process
  • High quality emulation of the machined component allows graphical evaluation of the machining quality and reveals any possible defects
  • Unfinished areas and areas of gouge can be displayed
  • Comparison of the machined component with the initial model
  • Visual inspection of the remaining material
  • Possible to display radius and length compensation of the tool
  • Modeling of all type machining