Tool managment

In the system there is support for 9 different types of tool, each having its own list of parameters. Within these types (end mills, drills, engravers etc.) it is possible to edit the parameters of the tool, which can then be saved in a library for future use in other operations and technological processes. When the parameters for a tool are changed, the tool is interactively displayed on screen.

Supported tool types:

  • Cylindrical milling cutter
  • Spherical milling cutter (ball nose)
  • Torus milling cutter (bull nose)
  • Double-radius milling cutter
  • Limited double-radius milling cutter (limited)
  • Conical milling cutter
  • Limited conical milling cutter
  • Negative radius cutter
  • Engraver
  • Drill (reamer/tap etc.)
  • Bore head
  • Radius milling cutter (form)
  • Turning cutter tools
  • Free-form tool (shaped tool)

Depending on the parameters of a tool (the number of tips, stability, type of a material) and on the parameters of the workpiece (the type of a material) the optimum cutting speeds and feeds are automatically calculated.

User can create own shape of tool as well as can import the tool profile from 3D-model.

tool2 tool3